How to Hire Right the First Time

hire right the first time

The hiring process should not be taken lightly. While HR managers understand that fact, in today’s fast-paced business world, hiring decisions have to be made fast to make sure another company doesn’t hire that highly qualified candidate before yours does.

Take your time.

Take time to thoroughly consider each candidate instead of rushing headlong to hire. A candidate hired without proper consideration ahead of time is often fired sooner rather than later. While this doesn’t always hold true, due your best to allow yourself time to properly vet the candidate ahead of time.

Perform background checks.

A background check can eliminate candidates who look to good to be true. At the very least, statewide criminal checks and county criminal checks should be run to help ensure that you’ve done your due diligence as an employer to protect customers and clients from potentially harmful employees.

Perform reference checks and employment verifications.

Reference checks and employment verifications allow employers to confirm the work history provided by the applicant is accurate as well as allowing them to better understand the applicant’s work ethic and character from former coworkers or supervisors. While few job candidates would be inexperienced enough to provide poor references, a few probing questions asked by an expert reference checker can open up even the most positive reference to provide well-rounded information. A good reference check performed in conjunction with an employment verification can help weed applicants that may not be a good fit for the position.

Set clear expectations.

Make your expectations of candidates clear right from the beginning on the job description. Determine ahead of time exactly what qualifications you are looking for as well as what specific character traits. Carefully communicate those details in the job description so candidates who don’t qualify are discouraged from applying.

Take interviews seriously.

An interview is often one of the few opportunities you have to interact with applicants on a personal level before making a hiring decision. Plan for at least two, HR personnel and a manager, to conduct the interview so outcomes aren’t skewed based on one person’s perspective. Aim to interview each solid candidate at least twice, with different interviewers each time.

Leverage employee referrals.

Your current employees know what types of people will fit your office culture. Encourage employees to refer acquaintances they think would do well in your organization.


Do you have any other suggestions for how to hire right the first time?