4 Reasons to Perform a Background Check

background check

Employees are the heart of your company: they keep your customers happy, grow your business, and bring in the revenue. When you have so much invested in them, doesn’t it make sense to research them before hiring? And we don’t just mean an interview and quick glance at their application and resume. Background checks are an important part of the hiring process and can save you headaches in the long run. So what can background checks do for you?

Protect your customers

Employment screening can protect your customers or clients from exposure to potentially harmful individuals. Especially in industries that serve vulnerable persons such as education or healthcare, background checks can help ensure your company has done their due diligence to provide adequate protection. Additionally, employment screening can help protect from liability suits in case of an incident caused by an employee.

Save money

Hiring an employee does affect your finances. Whether you employ HR personnel to hire for you or outsource your hiring to an agency, you are paying someone to review applications and interview candidates. Hiring an unfit candidate wastes the financial resources you spent on the hiring process, not to mention resources spent on training and onboarding as well as redoing the whole process one more time to find a new employee. A background check done in conjunction with complete review of an applicant’s resume and application and a thorough interview can effectively weed out candidates whose resumes may contain falsifications or have a criminal past that may affect their job performance.

Save time

Let’s face it: going through the hiring process multiple times for the same position costs an inordinate amount of time. A background check can include employment verifications, education verifications, and reference checks in addition to criminal background histories. Such checks can ensure the candidate has the necessary job experience and education credentials so you don’t have to waste time hiring unfit candidates.

Reduce employee turnover

A thorough employment screening process can help ensure you hire the right candidate the first time. If a candidate has a history of fast job turnover, doesn’t have the necessary experience, or performs poorly on a reference check, that candidate may not be a good fit.


Employment screening can protect your business while saving you valuable time and resources. Contact us today to see how we can help!

Any other benefits of employment screening that you would add?